Hopper Street

Finally managed to get to the Supreme Factory in Hopper Street, beyond the upper end of Cuba Street – I guess it’s not such a new location for them any more – it’s just taken so long to get there. Actually that’s a lie – they have a cafe attached and we’ve tried to go there a couple of times but they close at 3pm weekdays and aren’t open weekends. I thought I’d stroll up there today to get the beans instead of the usual jaunt to the Woodward Street store. Quite a cool little cafe there – definitely an interesting walk to take the parents on when they’re next in Wellington.

It’s at that end of Cuba street that you find the darndest things. Today I had a nosey around a new shop called Minerva – turns out it’s a textile book shop – every kind of book on quilting, sewing, patchwork, applique, making new clothes out of old and a few knitting books. I think they’re a distributer for a quilting magazine as they seemed to have quite a production line of envelopes going on out the back. I even found a book on tatting – I didn’t realise people still did that! However, it seems they do because the book was first published in 2002! Tatting is that stitch knotting thing you do to make doilies and lace like my grandmother used to.


#1 penny on 09.16.08 at 7:49 am

What a coincidence. I also have just found Cuba Street and am going to walk the whole length in the holidays. There is a great music shop where I have just bought 2 ukes and a C.D.shop where you can find the original music of Sound Of Music.

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[…] got up to Minerva (the textile book store) on Cuba Street at the weekend to see a copy of a friend’s book of knitting patterns that […]

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