Spring winds

Ahhh, the October/November gale-force winds have arrived and the Mister is finally getting a chance several times a week to get out there and laugh in the face of the slapping wind and rain with his Pixie Hurricane umbrella. He finds the windiest spot on the street and stands there holding tight with two hands almost shouting into the wind “c’mon is that all you’ve got?!”

Obviously my quest to get video or picture footage of this is somewhat hampered by the fact that I am usually blown back down the street somewhere hanging onto a lamp post! By the time I get a photo nothing looks out of place – you’ll just have to believe me that this photo was taken in 74km/hr winds (honestly! www.wunderground.com, and it’s been up to 99km/hr since!) on Willis Street and at the time the trees were creaking, the lamp post flags flapping and a rubbish bin was blowing down the road.

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#1 The MIster on 10.06.08 at 7:58 pm

How many time do I have to tell you?!?! It’s a Stealth Bomber!!!

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