Xero to 2

It’s my 2nd Xero birthday today.

Highlights are:

  • Help Centre is now a standalone website – a hub for a user guide, how do I’s, video demonstrations and other guidance material over 270 html files, several now on their 4th or 5th iteration – as the application changes, the help does too.
  • Started tracking the visitor stats mid-March – since then it’s had 44 and a half thousand visitors! Very exciting, and when I first saw all the countries that were visiting the website I was blown away.
  • And, 6 weeks ago the Help Centre team expanded – I got an assistant. My first ever and it’s great. Nice to have someone else on the same wavelength with the same interests and priorities – will make some of the mountains easier to manage.

Next year’s plans are:

  • To be working in the New York office (yes, that was rather wishful thinking when I said it a year ago – will try again for the upcoming year!)


#1 Jif on 12.04.08 at 9:50 am

can I join you in NYC as your help centre administrator techie? I do have a certain amount of street cred there ya know!!

#2 Xero to 4 — OrangeBlog on 12.09.10 at 9:40 pm

[…] travelling around the South Island. I note I didn’t do a Xero to  post year but in the 1st 2 years I wished that the next year we’d be in the New York office – and that happened this […]

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