Am famous in the paper!

Well the online paper at any rate … ‘Stingrays bask in Wellington shallows’ … will have to wait for tomorrow to see if I made it to the real thing. Very exciting! On the front page of at the moment – I’m credited as the photographer and quoted and everything! Not so nice to keep rushing down passed the terrible news of the fires in Australia to see my story.

And the photo I took doesn’t look too bad ‘in print’ either!


#1 penny on 02.09.09 at 5:52 am

Have just printed it off to take to school as we’re all going to Oriental Beach next week so it will be something else to look out for. What fun!!! M.I.L

#2 Short Dark Friend on 02.09.09 at 10:24 am

Oh my goodness you are famous ‘ Wellington woman Catherine Walker’. Oh that is so cool:-). The picture looks amazing!

#3 Basel Lisa on 02.09.09 at 11:29 am

Fame at last! About blimmin’ time, I say! 🙂

#4 Moggie on 02.10.09 at 3:17 am

Your famouse! Congrats! A very cool story.

#5 Orange Girl on 02.10.09 at 5:18 am

Thank you thank you my fans (Queen-style wave). Sadly I was not in the ‘real’ paper but am still looking forward to CNN or Discovery giving me a call!

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