No more yoga and potato chips

Just found out today that the place I go for yoga is closing after 15 years (not that I’ve been going that long) due to a ridiculous rent increase AND I have to go on a low sodium diet. What a day. Obviously I’m nervous about finding somewhere else to go for yoga, I’ve gotten to trust the guy with hanging me upside down, making me stand on my head, pushing my leg over the back of head where it just won’t go etc etc. I don’t want to go somewhere else with strangers where you have to pray or chant or drive there. And as for the low sodium thing. It appears that sodium doesn’t necessarily equal salt and it turns out that my major (because they’re my favourite) food groups all contain sodium – bread, peanut butter, potato chips and caffeine. God. Caffeine. However, the specialist said that if I do good on getting salt out of my diet then I won’t have to give coffee up altogether. Am allowed decaf though. Yum Yum.

In the short term it’s going to be a life of fruit and nuts with in a body in the shape of an office chair. Sigh.


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