Yoga good news bad news

Last yoga class last night. However, I’ve been saved in my quest to find a new place to go because last week our instructor started to gather up interest in people sticking with him if he ran one class a week himself. So I wrote my name on the list. Only thing is, he’s not doing it at beginner level (yes I know in your minds I’m probably not a beginner seeing as I’ve been going for 3 years) so I’m guessing that there might be a few new poses to learn or I’ll not be as bendy as others in the class.  Seems like it might be going ahead. It’s going to be in the same place at a later time. So good news is I get to keep the same instructor, bad news is it’ll be harder which will mean I hurt even more the next day and I’ll have to have dinner really late on a Thursday night. Might have to start having a Thursday afternoon snack that’s more than a bikkie – god, might have to bring bread to work and store it in the kitchen like everyone else. Yick.


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