Wayne Funny Brady

Went out last night, on a school night, gasp, to see Wayne Brady’s stand-up show. I’ve seen him a bit on that old show Who’s Line is it Anyway? and a few episodes of Don’t Forget the Lyrics – he’s pretty funny and talented. It was truly amazing to see him in person – he is so quick with the funny stuff. And boy, he can dance. He also did fantastic impressions of In Sync, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and Prince by singing songs that included one-liners suggested by the audience like ‘you can never have too many sheep’ or ‘glitter is the herpes of the craft world’. God he was funny.

And the show was audience participation of course, in the style of Who’s Line is it Anyway? – I was rather pleased we got to sit upstairs away from the action … I feel so sorry for the somebody’s mother that had to get up and make sound effects for the scene being played out! I mean what noise *does* a boomerang make anyway!

So, when the audience was being coached in how to make noise and shout out, we were asked to shout out answers to a couple of easy questions.

What’s your favourite colour? I shouted out ‘orange’ (of course) along with the rest of the Town Hall shouting out their colours so we made quite a bit of general noise and I couldn’t clearly hear ‘orange’ (except for the Mister shouting it too bless him) or hear myself say it.

What’s your favourite movie? I shouted, louder, ‘Fifth Element’, but still not loud enough as all I could hear was louder jumbled shouting as everyone started to find their voice, including the Mister as he said something else.

So, the last question, I was really fired up by now to be heard. What’s your favourite book? I let it rip and positively screamed ‘TWILIGHT’, and sh*t, that’s all you could hear! That lead to some joke about Wellingtonians not being big readers, and I was pretty embarrassed that our entire section were looking at me!!

Another very funny, quick and smooth reaction from him was when his offsider was seeking information from a guy in the front row upon which to build a skit around.

Offsider: … and what do you do sir?
Man: I’m an analyst.
Offsider: OK. And what do you analyse?
Man: Well, the supply and demand of stuff I guess.
Offsider: What kind of stuff.
Man: … ummmm, I dunno, any kind of stuff. Chocolate.
Wayne (stepping forward in very smoother manner): And here I am. You demand it. I supply it.

He got such a roar for that. It really was an amazing show. Except he now thinks that Wellingtonians don’t read and all work for The Government because of the 15 people he interacted with or got up on stage, 13 of them worked in government departments!


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