Cough cough

I’m not very good at being sick. Just getting over a head cold now – thankfully no more than that but it was still a pretty awful one to bear. My head (not my nose, just my head) felt so blocked and aching. Couldn’t even work for a day – gasp! I just lay on the couch and watched re-runs. I never realised CSI Miami is a totally ‘pretty’ version of CSI – everyone in clothes that matched the office, flawless makeup, slow-mo forensic analysis shots and David Caruso being all moody and mono-syllabic in his sun glasses. Was a bit of a laugh really.

I’m not very good with the drugs either, just lemsip and vitamin C. Only lasted 2 days but the weakness will hang around for a while.

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#1 penny on 05.22.09 at 2:47 am

Sent you a reply last night but didn’t go through. I also have had a cold all week and look like I’m 100 and with a swollen eye as well caused by a bite we think I look even older than that. We can both be greatful that it was this week and not next week for me with the concerts or the following week for you. Off to meet the conductor now. M.I.L

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