Cover boy again!

A magazine just arrived at work today with the Mister on the cover! Again! For everyone keen to rush out and buy a copy (Mothers), I doubt it’s the kind of magazine you can get at Whitcoulls, it seems to be a little subscription-based IT magazine. But still! Exciting and he’s chuffed!!


#1 penny on 07.06.09 at 3:12 am

Mother is getting a copy!! Rang up the company after getting their no. off your photo and they were really helpful and said they agreed I couldn’t get one from Whitcoulls. M.I.L

#2 Double page spread — OrangeBlog on 08.11.09 at 4:23 pm

[…] time the Mister has a 2-page spread – he’s in the IT Brief magazine again – a real interview with him on geeky CTO stuff. Will post a link to the article on their site […]

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