Gotham for dinner

Gotham’s first night open for dinner seemed to go OK, although perhaps a bit quiet. The menu is ‘cafe’ style I guess – simple delicious things like steak, chicken schnitzel sandwich, spare ribs and yaaaay for me, herbed tagliatelle with pesto. There was one staff member there who we recognised, and we recognised the owners sitting in the other booth and between them they recognised us as regulars because our waiter, who we didn’t know, came to tell us that our drinks were on the house in recognition of the support we’d given them and showing up on opening night. So that was *very*cool – and I didn’t even order peanut butter on toast so they must’ve recognised us just for being us!

So we’ll definitely be going again and it’s perfect if we want to work late because we can just nip down, get dinner done in an hour then go back to the office.

It was pretty hard to resist the temptation to order toast though!


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