Car insurance

The annual bill from AA for the car insurance has arrived. I almost don’t look at the premium amount each year any more, in fact I’m fairly impressed that it seems to remain the same each year, I just skim to the dreaded AA’s assessment of the car’s replacement valuation.

It’s so LOW! Way too low for the car. I phoned them once to ask why it was so low – they told me that they adjusted the valuation each year based on the make, model, age and market value for such a car. I can tell you, the value of MY example of that make, model and age of car is definitely worth more than their estimate!

So, if I were to have to replace the car I would be given money that would buy a much lesser car than mine. And I suppose that’s why the premium appears to be staying the same, the more worthless they think the car, the less risk it will get stolen or broken into so this keeps the premium ‘down’. It’s so frustrating! I wish they’d send an assessor around to see what it’s really worth. Or not if it would put my premium back up … it’s a vicious circle!


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