Waving at planes

Found an awesome spot on a rock beside the runway today to watch planes and feel the rush as they took off, especially the 737’s. I managed to get high enough to feel like I was eye-level with the windows as they began their roaring run-up to lift-off.


In the wind and spur of the moment before lift-off I just can’t help waving, just to the plane really, never mind the people on it who probably think I’m a 5-year old trapped in a 30+/-40 woman’s body, however The Mister was on one of them today and he reported from Auckland that’d he’d seen me waving to HIM 🙂

And if you’re the people that tooted and waved at me from a white car (some kind of Toyota I think) I’m sorry if I should’ve recognised you and given you more than a confused ‘who me?’ wave back. Actually I rarely get over to that side of town so went for a walk along Lyall Bay, and the small villiage that Wellington is had turned everyone out for some air – I saw those ‘friends’ from the white car, bumped into other friends and we walked together for a while, the Xero car drove by and another car carrying a couple more friends.


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