Storytime at work

I had a bizzare and quite realistic dream last night that in order to overcome my fear and sickening nerves when it comes to speaking to a group that I decided to read a book out loud at work in the training room for as long as it took to read the book. I wasn’t sure what book to read, a novel, one that I knew wouldn’t have any rude bits in it, and that every day I stood in the corner and read aloud and people started to bring their lunch in to take a break and I ended up with quite a following including some hardcore stayers who listened to the whole story. I did it every day and it took months. Was obviously quite relieved when I woke up and looked at my book beside the bed and realised it had been a dream!


#1 Lucy on 10.11.10 at 10:24 pm

Another speaking engagement coming up?

#2 OrangeGirl on 10.13.10 at 2:00 pm

Errr no, I declined on grounds cited above!

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