Drove over to Sausilito on Saturday with Lance who was visiting for a couple of days – guess you don’t really take your brother-in-law for a wander around the shops so after the obligatory tour of the Ferry Building and a cup of coffee we decided that we’d get a Zipcar for a day and take a trip over the Big Orange Bridge and to Sausilito. After a stinking hot day on Friday when we took an afternoon walk down to Fisherman’s Wharf, Saturday was really foggy and it just didn’t lift all day on that side of town. So other than the occasional glimpse of the bridge I’ll have to go visit it another time.

Foggy Orange Bridge

Sausilito is a small seaside town essentially, a bit like Eastbourne I guess, about 10-15 minutes from the other side of the bridge – you’ve got to make the trip out there, it’s not on the main route. I think it survives entirely off tourists – the guy with his orangey parrot insulting passers by, stores of hideous trinkets, jewellery stores, icecream stores, porta-loos, guy singing to his sausage dog in it’s sunglasses, winding lines of people waiting for the ferry and no good coffee as far as I could work out – didn’t try any!

Sausilito day trip

I think the town has stunning views back to the city but no go when we were there. You could actually see the line in the fog as it moved from one side of the sky to the other. It was a really pleasant couple of hours, and we had great sandwiches from a deli and some delicious cookie dough icecream in lieu of a coffee for afternoon tea.

Sausilito day trip

We had a rather mammoth drive back through San Francisco – we had the car for a day and when coming back into town we managed to get onto this huge triple carriage way through the northern part of the city that had no left turn signs for blocks and blocks and blocks and that of course was the way we wanted to go! It was the first long drive through the city that The Mister had done and all went well – even hill starts – just a bit of confusion at 4-way stops regarding who’s supposed to go first!

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#1 Short Dark Friend on 09.26.11 at 12:53 am

I loved the time I spent in Sausilito. Used to go there often when I worked in San Jose. I even remember buying my Mickey Mouse monogramed jeans (which I still have) from a wee shop there and prancing around in them.

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