If someone ate your cookies?!

Another thing I saw posted on Twitter recently. Well, The Mister spotted it and read it out to me, thought it was quite a funny story and now I’m wondering what the other guy thought. Pokes at the English a bit too! (Looks like this is posted on some discussion site somewhere, not sure where or why, the person who posted it on Twitter posted just this image.) You can click to make it bigger if the text is too small …


3 amazing things about yourself

Saw this on Twitter. If someone asked you to do this, could you?

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 1.20.13 PM

My friends, what are your 3 amazing things … about yourself?

We can easily find amazing things about other people we know and love but not so easy when it comes to ourselves. I couldn’t do it!

Color in the East Village

Great use of a blank wall. A lot of street fashion bloggers come here to use this as a back drop. We were standing in front of it today waiting for the bus.

East Village

Social media rules for running your business accounts

Useful things to think about if you’re using social media in your business. Some great ones and things I stick by.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 5.08.28 pm

A lot of people just see social media as a place to waste time and talk to friends and people virtually.
The 36 Rules of Social Media

Thick skin required

Having to deal with people who are negative, either justified or not, is part of the process when you manage a community or social media accounts for a brand. Some great points if you’re new to this. 5 Rules for Dealing with a Negative Nancy.

Paper alarm

Even with all the tech in the world, this is how I remember the must-do stuff!


Dealing with trolls online

It’s pretty tough to be on the end of vicious commentary and so often I’m unsure if these people even realize there’s a real human being at the other end. Would they speak to my face like that? (Note this is what I deal with sometimes at work, not personally, thankfully!)

“Many have asked whether the cozy veil of online anonymity mostly encourages well-intentioned truth telling or mostly emboldens people to act like assholes.”

How To Cope With The Shit Trolls Say Behind That Cozy Veil Of Online Anonymity

A break from the office

Sometimes you just have to get out of the office.

Looking out to the Statue of Liberty

Sometime later … this looks a bit like I got up from my chair and jumped on a boat. Actually I just walked down the road and leaned on the rail for a while to collect my thoughts. Contemplative times at work these last few weeks.

What’s your fav train?

Now that we live here I love seeing these random compilations of a New Yorker’s experience of life as we start to identify with some of these. Laughed out loud at this ranking of subway trains! We’ve been on lots of them and currently commute for work via the 1 train and use the C a bit to start journeys uptown.

Check it out: The Definitive Ranking of New York City Subway Trains.

Subway car to ourselves!1 train last week when we experienced a very rare empty car & it’s orange!

New York letting off some steam

New York letting off some steam #nyc