Girls can’t do everything …

The other day while I was driving to the petrol station I heard a segment on the radio about things that women just cannot do. They had 3 women in the studio and they challenged at least one of them to say ‘yes’ to the things they listed. They were stating things like: can’t sit in a room for 10 minutes without saying “I’m cold”, can’t let their partners sleep off a hangover, can’t walk by a shoe shop without looking in the window. One thing I thought they did miss off the list, in my personal experience, is to get the fiddley little lock engaged on the petrol pump handle so that you don’t have to stand there with an aching hand manually filling. Particularly appropriate as I was just pulling into the petrol station. However, perhaps spurred on by that thought I sauntered up to the pump, grabbed the handle, shoved it in the gas tank and LOCKED IT! Then wondered what to do with myself … tried to stand all cool by the car as though I’d done this a thousand times before instead of for the first time in my life!


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