The weather

The weather happens. And really, we can do nothing about it. So whether hot or cold or wet or windy or totally inappropriate for the season we are in, I take the view that we just have to deal with it. Sure I get cold, hot, wet, blown about and often wonder what to wear and complain about the hole in my shoe on wet days and that I can’t put my umbrella up on wet and windy days, but we can’t change what is going on. I cope and other than wet socks or knotty hair I don’t blame the weather for anything.

However, with the recent unseasonable cold snap bringing mid-winter to the week before Christmas, to fit in socially I have had to take part in my fair share of ‘wasn’t it freezing yesterday?’ or ‘can you believe the weather yesterday only 5 days away from Christmas?’ conversations today. Me, I put on 5 layers including a jersey, got out the heater and went everywhere in the car yesterday!

I just got chatting to a stranger when getting my coffee (as you do if you’re a Fuel addict) and he was driving back from up North yesterday, via the Desert Road, where there was so much snow they got out and built a snowman! That *is* strange for this time of the year – but at least they got out and made the most of what they had.


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