This summer’s favourite read – Da Vinci Code

I have just finished Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code after being one of the last people I know to read it. I don’t know that I enjoyed it as much as other people seem to have … oh no, it’s The English Patient experience all over again. A movie that people raved and raved about and I was left wondering what all the fuss was about! For years I was too scared to admit it though – its only recently that I have been brave enough to voice this opinion. The Da Vinci Code was good, don’t get me wrong, but I read to escape and in the case of a book like this I got wound up in the who-dunnit mystery and action rather than the exploration of what the Holy Grail is and means and the whole spin on Catholicism. So for me, this book was only as good as all the other murder mystery-, forensic science-, district attorney-, medical examiner-based novels I read. Does this make me a shallow person?


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