Pumped up by positive feedback

Had a bit of a ‘passionate’ discussion with the new IT Manager yesterday. He’s out canvassing knowledge on work systems and processes and generally finding out what type of ‘IT’ resources are lurking in the organisation. Apparently several people had pointed him towards me, describing me with phrases such as ‘provides support for the whole floor’ (55 people!), ‘always follows up on everything’, ‘great at finding solutions’ … felt a bit embarrassed really!

Anyway, we talked about a range of things from what Business Analyst in the context of this organisation and my role means, to where I’d worked and what I’d been doing before coming here, to what I’d do if I was in charge of our website. He also asked probative questions like ‘what really pisses you off about any IT system or process right now?’, ‘do you think steering groups really work’ and ‘why are people here so reluctant to make decisions?’ Perhaps after being on jury service I found my voice because I had lots of constructive replies to his questions!

Afterwards he thanked me for the time taken to meet with him – he said he’s found it very valuable and “I like the whole orange thing you’ve got going, it’s really a statement. Also it’s great to finally talk to someone who’s not afraid to be honest and say what no-one else will say and someone’s who’s willing to roll up their sleeves and take part.”

The whole thing left me in a bit of an adrenaline rush so I had to go out and get a coffee.

It was a good work day.


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