When To Use Caps When Writing

A friend currently reviewing some documentation asked me if I had any hard and fast rules about capitalisation. I don’t claim that my way is the way, but by in large I have a system which I was able to rattle off. I think caps are used in Way Too Many Places these days and in all the wrong Places.

Here’s what I think:

  • Names –
    e.g. people, servers, Windows, Unix, Word, Excel, but not spreadsheet, document, network (I am troubled at times about internet vs. Internet and web vs. Web …)

  • Places –
    e.g. rooms, buildings, towns but not directions, seasons, locations unless part of a name i.e. west, basement, bank

  • People’s titles –
    only when referring to that person specifically without using their name. e.g. All group managers (no caps) would need to submit a report at the end of the month. This report was submitted by the Group Manager (caps, because you could easily substitute their name here).


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