Stories of good customer service

Last week I became one of those people who write to product companies complaining about their products.

Issue: a re-branded moisturiser I use was behaving differently from how it did in the past so I wrote an actual letter asking if they’d changed their ingredients and told them that it was not as good as the old stuff.

Outcome: they emailed me to say that the ingredients had changed, but shouldn’t have affected the product as I was describing but they would look into it and sent me some of the old stuff to be going on with!

Issue: I purchased a pair of jeans the same as ones I have had in the past but these were a ‘summer’ weight and in a different colour. Otherwise exactly the same. However, the stitching they have used around the waist band is kind of scratchy and quite uncomfortable to wear.

Outcome: I returned to the store and told the woman (who had served me the day before) and demonstrated on a pair of jeans they had in store and she was horrified. She said she would ring up and see what could be done or if there was any way to fix it and she said she’d ring me as soon as she knew anything. The great thing was, she remembered me from ealier and didn’t want my name or phone number or anything because she said it was all on the computer! God I’m memorable … actually I’d say it was my big orange coat … no missing me in that!


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