I was called to the CE’s office …

I’ve been mulling over the new job prospect and if it is offered (they have to check a few boxes etc) then I will take it. I expect things to move on that front next week. I’ve talked to my boss about it.

However, while waiting, the CE was informed that I’d likely be leaving and I was summonsed. Yikes! Our paths have not crossed that much and I was not sure what to expect but I’ve been completely overwhelmed by his words.  His report of his perception of my importance in my group, the excellent reputation I have within the organisation, the management potential he sees in me, the potential to work directly for him. My god! Flattery will get you everywhere!! However, I said I was going if the offer came through, and gave him my reasons and he said that he admired my choice – that it said a lot about my strength (?!!) – and that it is the same decision he would’ve made.

So all in all, a really great chat. A definite first!! It’s just too hard to explain what being *really* noticed at that level, for good reasons, does to you.


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