New friends and a new website

Went out to dinner with a new group of people last night – mix of colleagues from the past and strangers. Interesting to watch the group gel along with my own quiet observations to size people up. We went to Boulot (food was average – can do way better with a $20 meal elsewhere (i.e. Capitol) and obviously I have been spoilt with great service elsewhere (i.e. Capitol!) because they a) gave me flat Piper Heidsieck which I sent back of course, b) made me keep the knife I had used for pate for my main, c) did not give me a spoon for my linguine – I had to ask and d) did not keep my water glass full) which was perhaps a bad choice for a first meeting because a lounge trio came on mid-way through the evening and drowned out the conversation which was over that initial awkward hump (you know, when you’ve discovered the safe things to talk about (kids, houses, jobs, weather…) and the things that will stop conversations (Catholic jokes, vegetarian insults, genital euphemisms …)).

One of the guys told me about his wife’s website ( that sells hand knitted merino baby clothes – knitted by real live NZ grannies. It was suggested I join their ranks! I checked out the website and there was not a spec of orange so perhaps …


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