Domestic Goddess

I had a random wonder yesterday if I could make a living/sustain a life as a Domestic Goddess for others. Despite holding down a constant 45+ hour/week job at the moment, I am already acting in this capacity in some cases. I know of but what I’m proposing is a bit more domestic, more personal.

I could take Domestic Goddessing on full time and do useful, helpful stuff for others like:

  1. knit or crochet things for their friends’ babies or whatever knitted gift or personal needs they have
  2. bake when they need to go somewhere bearing home baking
  3. get postcards made
  4. iron
  5. wrap Christmas gifts
  6. show them how to use their coffee machine
  7. go to their house and cook for their dinner parties or help them plan menus
  8. mend holes in jerseys and sew on buttons
  9. do their personal accounts and spend trend reports – as long as they stick to my must-get-receipt regime

Actually, I have done or am doing all of this stuff for various friends already … I wonder if I could sustain it? Maybe something I could trial if I take a couple of months off at the end of this contract … if the Mister will not allow it … he likes 2 incomes. He’s saving for a Porsche you know (note: ‘Saving’  … refer to (9.) above!)


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