Nothing beyond the OSH-grip

Crikey, does OSH really have the power to stop me having my chippie snack at 6pm when I work late? Are we really becoming a population of people that cannot think for themselves? Whatever happened to decent upbringingings where people knew they would burn themselves if they touched hot stuff, hurt themselves if they fell down a hole or become unhealthy if they ate only unhealthy food? It’s ridiculous!!

From Vending machines on government hit list

Health officials may use health and safety legislation to control the content of the machines, the New Zealand Herald newspaper reported.

The Ministry of Health’s annual Food and Nutrition Monitoring Report highlighted the importance of workplaces in setting eating patterns.

The ministry plans to monitor the workplace “nutrition environment” over the next two years, checking the types of food sold in canteens and vending machines.

The ministry report said that under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 employers were responsible for the health and safety of their workers.

“This could easily be interpreted as covering the food and nutrition environment,” wrote report author Maria Turley.


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