Grow your own Christmas tree

Someone at work has got a grow-your-own-Christmas-tree – it’s VERY cool. After 12 hours it will have fur tree type branches – you can see it starting already on the bottom branches after only a few hours! Looks as though it will work and be far less traumatic than my grow-your-own-kitty experiment.






7.45pm … I think it’s stopped growing

7.30am … almost 12 hours later … definitely stopped growing & has started getting a bit whiter in places

8.45am … last but not least, the tree was decorated (thought I better use the photo with the tree owner’s hand in it seeing as he’s been bugged by a constant stream of girls ooo’ing and aaaah’ing over the tree for the last 20 hours, all wanting to touch it and ask how it works!)

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#1 Xmas tree time lapse — OrangeBlog on 11.28.10 at 9:37 pm

[…] brought a grow-your-own-Xmas-tree into work today – the first time he had one I was very taken with it! Didn’t realise that was 3 years ago. This year’s was a bit […]

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