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It’s official. Most of you have worked it out by now but yes, I am now the proud owner of a MacBook! (It’s a small Apple MacIntosh laptop (info for parents).) The Mister hasn’t installed Windows on it yet so for now I am completely alone with Apple and slowing learning stuff and finding my way around. I still love the same things I discovered on the Mister’s Mac but the list in increasing.

  • I’ve used the Spotlight system search feature a couple of times – so quick, so easy – I found with no trouble that I did have some kind of Word installed, and where to set up a printer (which I did, on our Windows network at home, without assistance … not sure if that’s an EasyMac thing or an experience thing … a little bit of both I’d like to think).

  • I can open the MacBook with one hand. There’s some cool magnetic mechanism to keep it shut and the base of the laptop is heavier than the screen so while there is some initial resistance it kind of gives way and opens without the base lifting off – with my Sony, when I open the screen the base comes up with it! Very annoying (now!) and definitely requires two hands.

  • I love the whole saved state thing when you close the lid. No matter when you come back to it and open the lid – whatever you were last doing is there. Right there. No restarting, reopening, no crashing.

There are still things I have to learn and frustrations to overcome due to my previous Windows life.

  • My blog is pictureless and unformatted when updated from my MacBook. My blog engine running on the Mac browsers doesn’t offer any formatting.

  • I’m a bit lost with the downloading thing. Even if I want to open and view a PDF it wants me to download it and not necessarily save it somewhere, but surely the fact that I’ve downloaded it means it *is* saved somewhere … then I’m left with this little downloads window thingie with all this old stuff in it that I don’t want anymore …

  • I’m still getting used to what’s in the dock. There were so few icons when I first set the computer up, now there’s all sorts.

  • I get a bit frustrated with the Finder. I’m used to the whole folder view thing in Windows for dragging files and folders around the place and I have to remind myself to open a second Finder window and drag from one t’other.

Anyway, it’s cool. Next step is to get Windows and get my data off my old Compaq. Oh, by the way, it’s not orange 🙂


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