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One way to put a huge smile on my dial (other than to show me some (non-tacky) orange thing) is to complement my car or my driving or better still – both in the same conversation!  I picked the car up from the dealership after it got a Warrant today and was on the receiving end of the service guy gushing over how great-a condition the car was in 🙂 He said for a car that old (poor old 8-year-old thing now being subjected to 6-month warrants – pah!) the interior was the most pristine he’d seen. No chips in the door handles or gear stick, no scrapes on any of the leather bits, no spilled coffee on the carpet or crumbs in the seats or ragged visors. And it didn’t end there! The exterior is apparently amazing too – no key or jewellery or fingernail scrapes around the door handles, no dented number plates – in fact the *minor* exterior damage was (obviously, he said) caused by the carelessness of others opening their doors and driving their shopping trolleys into it. The tyres are all worn perfectly evenly – sure it’s 4-wheel-drive he said but still, good driving contributes a great deal to that. He said I obviously take very good care of it which is such a joy to see and quite a rare thing. And let me tell you, he is surrounded by some VERY fine cars. So when he asked if he could be first in line to buy it I was stunned! Am definitely not ready to part with it yet and dammit The Mister heard that so shot off faster than I’ve ever seen him move to goggle at the Porsches.  Sigh.

Yaaaay for me!

(Obviously got in a bit of trouble later for not asking how much the guy would buy it for and when and what was the best price we could get on an S5 or RS4 … thankfully I managed to talk The Mister out of thinking Porsche would be next on our list with our urban family about to increase by one when Blenheim Bub arrives … we could never ferry 5 of us and pram and whatnot around … so Rocket gets to stay a while longer yet 🙂 )


#1 The Mister on 02.26.08 at 5:58 pm

That doesn’t mean we have to keep Rocket – just means that we can’t get a Porsche! The S5 is bigger than what we have now! (And anyway – the idea is to get a Porsche *as well* :))

#2 Orange Girl on 02.26.08 at 6:03 pm

Oh! What’s that great big thing sprouted in our back yard? Is is a money tree? No. Dreams are free 😉

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