So many shampoos

I went to buy some shampoo the other day and unlike many I’m sure, I like my hair and think it’s quite normal. So I wanted shampoo (but not supermarket shampoo) for ‘normal’ hair. I haven’t actually bought supermarket shampoo in ages but on this visit to the shampoo store I was struck by how rare normal hair has become!

Bottle after bottle offered me bounce and thickening for fine hair, intensive moisture for dry and brittle hair, repair for chlorine and chemical damaged hair, aloe enrichment for sun-dried hair, soothing smoother for fly-away hair, straightening agents for coarse and unruly hair, curl defining micro-organisms for curly hair, gloss coating for straight hair, colour highlights for coloured hair. I just wanted a bottle of something for straight, thick, healthy natural hair to keep it’s current good condition! Arrrrrrgh. I’m sure from that store I’ve bought some Paul Mitchell stuff that just ‘nourishes and conditions normal hair’ but even that seems to have been pushed out as their range has increased to include other mysterious potions. Might have to go back to Johnson’s Baby Shampoo!


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