On my way to work I saw …

A giraffe! Camped out on the City-to-Sea bridge this morning for an hour and 10 minutes and was finally rewarded with a sighting of the baby giraffe Wellington Zoo was moving up from Christchurch. I had almost given up hope (despite the Mister listening to the radio station and sending me text updates that they still hadn’t been able to get hold of their man-on-the-spot to tell them that a) he’d seen the giraffe and b) where they were) when a man on his way to work stopped and said “Are you waiting for the giraffe?” Never realised I looked like a giraffe-watcher! He told me that he’d seen him get unloaded off the boat about 10 minutes earlier so that gave me fresh hope and sure enough 15 minutes later … along Customhouse Quay he came. And no sign of the radio station guy or any other journos – perhaps my photo is it!

Photo is not that fantastic but thanks to Jiff it’s brightened enough so you can see him looking around from the back of the truck!

Update: oh oh! Thanks to my blog readers here’s a story from stuff.co.nz and their journalist’s better photo of the little fella 🙂


#1 jeffrey on 04.10.08 at 9:47 pm

I didn’t realize this giraffe from was Orana park… they have a Rothschild giraffe from Chicago (not sure which zoo, either Lincoln park or Brookfield) that was brought over for breeding. Maybe this is his first baby?

#2 Jolene on 04.14.08 at 1:09 pm

I think the reticulated giraffes are at Brookfield Zoo and the Rothschild giraffes at Lincoln Park. I may have to visit this cutie’s probable papa soon – we only live a few miles away and I haven’t been there in years! For shame!

I love that you were taken for a "giraffe watcher." (o: What a great way to pass the morning!

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