The Mister’s going to Vegas – not Rotovegas or Wangavegas but the real dirty old Las Vegas!! He’s had the Best Man from call from the other side of the Pacific so is jetting over in a few weeks for a long weekend. Pah!

The place he’s staying is GI-normous…

You can even see it from space for crying out loud!

Am very very jealous … however the shops must be open for, like, 24 hours a day in that town so am thinking of suitable presents that could be brought back.


#1 The Mister on 06.27.08 at 6:16 am

The Mister is definitely not happy that The Mrs can’t join him in Vegas – I’m sure I’ll have a great time and it’s great to be there for Bev and Dan on their big day – but it will be tinged with a certain sadness that you won’t be there to share it in as well.

As far as a present is concerned: how about a $5 chip? (Actually I wonder how much the orange ones are?)

#2 Jolene on 06.28.08 at 12:56 pm

OOOH! The Bellagio! Very nice. Try their gelato! (o:

My one Vegas tip: buy yourself a large-ish bottle of water at the Walgreens or CVS in the middle of the Strip, and keep it filled and with you at all times. It’s 105 (F) and very dry; and you won’t find free water anywhere outside of your hotel room (Vegas has absolutely mastered getting money wherever they can. Overcharging for small bottles of water is one way they make some serious profit. I was once charged $4 for 8 ounces!) This tip should save you enough cashola to buy The Mrs several ORANGE!! ($10, I think!) chips at the Bellagio! (o:

#3 Orange Girl on 06.28.08 at 9:44 pm

Yes the heat is definitely going to be like nothing he’s ever experienced before – 40 degrees C to us is unheard of – we find it hot in Wellington if it gets to 26 and that’s when there’s wind as well! Good tip on the water – I just filled and weighed a jug and 8oz is like 250ml – that’s just 1 cup!

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