On our way up Harris Street to Nikau today I smelt the wonderful familiar fragrance of Daphne. I ran around into the Council’s (I assume) garden/seating area behind the library to get up close and perhaps nab a stalk of it. However that would’ve meant clambering in the garden and the woody stalks aren’t that easy to break off (neither the Mister nor I carry handbag pocket knives) and as the Mister pointed out there were security cameras in the area. I’m sure there’s some law about defacing Council property and bushes so I just took a big sniff and grumped off. I know a couple of people with gardens so might see if they have (or know if they have!) any in their garden to bring me bit.

Actually, seeing as it’s a winter flower I could get a shrub to go in the basil pot (which just looks like a tub of dirt with 16 sticks in it during the winter) although given that it’s too cold to sit out on the deck or open the windows in the winter I wouldn’t get to enjoy it’s fragrance anyway. And then when summer came around I’d have to dig it out or get another pot for the basil. Hmmmm. Might stick with the friends idea.


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