New passports

In this day and age it seems that many things, physical things, are getting smaller. Yet our passports are getting bigger. I just had to do all the witnessing and signing myself away as a bona fide passported NZ Citizen to verify that my friend was indeed who she said she was (and Jif was surprised saying he just mailed his forms to Louisiana and they mailed him back a passport, no witnesses required) and in the course of that saw her old passport. It’s smaller, thinner and softer than mine. Fits in your pocket. I’ve got one of the new ones with a fully printed inside plastic cover (i.e. no real photo, just a print) and the huge page-sized hard plastic electronic chip thing which I think acts as some kind of RF ID tag.

Hmmm, just thought it was interesting with all these tiny phones, computers, microchips, hairdryers etc coming out these days.


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