Clever Mister

I think the Mister is *very* brainy. I just made a guest appearance at one of the regular Microsoft user group meetings because the Mister was giving a talk on optimising client-side performance … actually I *do* know what that means thank you! Not how to do it (well I didn’t before) just what it is! All the geeks jammed into the room were enthralled and taking notes and straining to see when he actually flicked out of his presentation to do some real time optimisation on a test site he had running to show them all how to make their sites go faster. He rattled off all this geek speak – he was barely speaking English, it was a kind pigeon code-English and he sounded like a genius! I’m so proud. I think his presentation is going to end up on the Xero blog sometime soon.

Oh, and there was a guy about 4 rows back who had on FAB orange pants!

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#1 proud m(not -I L) on 07.15.08 at 7:53 am

What a clever "boy" Mister is. Congrats.
Proud M(I.L)

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