Stupid Facebook

Huh? Everywhere else lets me have this as a legitimate name (Google, email (work and play), YouTube, errr, Xero and … I’m sure I’ve signed up to other stuff but maybe not), so why not you Facebook? I really don’t want to use it (because I have this sense I am going to bombarded with more spam that I already get telling me my friends-using-Facebook are having a birthday, yet if I’ve never signed up to the damn thing how can it assume who my friends are … anyway …) but the only way I’m going to keep in touch with a couple of travelling friends is to sign up. Not everyone has a blog or personal website like I do.

What kind of discrimination is this anyway? Do they trawl through rafts of noise words in other languages to determine if someone is a colour or a gender instead of a ‘real’ name? I wonder what orange is in Russian …

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#1 Jolene on 09.29.08 at 6:25 pm

Very strange! I actually know a kid named Orange. For real. And he’s on Facebook:

Orange Phillup Jr.

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