Thanksgiving #3 – part 2!

So it’s the day after the Thanksgiving feast, the dishwasher has run about 4 times since then – every glass, plate, jug, pie plate, knife, fork and spoon in the house has been used and reused in the last 24 hours! Had a great evening with our lovely friends, the damn turkey cooked really quickly again and the Mister sliced the top of his finger off on the mandolin (don’t worry, it didn’t end up in the food but in the drawer because it happened when he was rummaging for something in that dreaded ‘2nd drawer down’!)

Some more photos.

Especially for Jiff to show the apples did NOT come out of a can for the pie and that the coleslaw was homemade.

Carving assistance from Father

The urban family ready to eat

More eating

The glorious apple pies – this year’s were definitely the best


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