7s costumes

The Rugby 7’s tournament is here this weekend on its annual tour of countries that play rugby with 7 per team (oh god what do I know anyway?) Seems it’s more about gangs of people getting together and all dressing the same and drinking enormous amounts of alcohol and making their way through town to the stadium.

We had a coffee at a cafe with outdoor seating and watched some of the crazy fans walk and stumble by.

We saw rather a lot of costumes – here’s what we can remember:

  • strawberry tarts
  • Billy T’s (NZ comedian)
  • Puss in Boots
  • a carrot
  • Spartan warriors
  • army guys
  • men dressed as women (including one with his dress & a piece of toilet paper caught in the back of his knickers)
  • construction workers
  • Girl Guides/Boy Scouts
  • Smurfs
  • Atom Ants
  • Tangy Fruits (NZ sweets taken off the market this year after having been around forEVER)
  • a yoghurt
  • Heidi Klum from the Guitar Hero ad
  • Mexicans
  • Pirates
  • bumble bees
  • Pink Bats (insulation, as in the current TV ad)
  • sailors
  • sheep (all with ear tags with sheep-like names Baaaabara, Shaun, Rambo and one black sheep called Obaaaaaama)
  • nurses
  • Adam & Eve
  • Rubics cube
  • gridiron team (Wisconsin)
  • Barbie/Ken
  • i-Pod
  • priest (with a toy kid stuck to the front of his trousers!)
  • Mr Incredible
  • life guards
  • jockeys
  • Fred Flinstones
  • 3 blind visually impaired mice
  • buzzy bees (class wooden NZ toy)
  • Mormons (oh wait, they were actually some guys on their way to a wedding)


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