Stingrays in Wellington

Yikes! Went for a walk around the waterfront yesterday and when we went passed Frank Kitts lagoon I thought I saw something flit in the shallow water – thinking it might’ve been the jumping fish I’d see there a couple of years ago I went out on to the little pier thing to have a look. Turned out it was a bird scooping up little fish but when I looked into the water I saw stingrays! 3 of them! Right up close. The first one I was staring at looked dead. It was just sitting there, and I couldn’t understand why they’d be right in town. In the shallows. (Not that I know much about stingrays). A couple of other people noticed them too and a wise looking man said he’d never seen them in this close before. I went around to take a closer look at one of the others and he had his eyes open – was staring at me! There was a bit of a breeze across the lagoon so hard to get clear photos, but you should definitely see they’re stingrays.

(You can see his eyes open in this one, honest!)


#1 penny on 02.07.09 at 1:58 am

Absolutely fantastic photos. I’give up your day job for under water photography. Perhaps they’d come in close to go to the Kirks sale. I hope they had better luck than I had. M.I.L

#2 Orange Girl on 02.07.09 at 9:54 pm

Yes I’ve long thought the Kirks sale was going a downhill a bit. Back in the day it used to be an exclusive 1-week sale of normal merchandise discounted to make way for the next season and now it seems that they let the sale drag on and on – I think it’s even scheduled to be 4 weeks long this time – and they seem to bring in a lot of cheap (for Kirks) stuff as if it’s just an excuse for a sale. I had a wander through and was very disappointed.

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