Nose to tail

Got stuck in a queue in the Mt Vic tunnel this afternoon and when we got out on the city side we saw that a nose-to-tail accident was causing a bit of delay. A rather well-loved white Subaru was parked up on the footpath and the Mister reported that the front was definitely dinged – no other cars in site so probably wasn’t that bad except for the rather large number of police and an ambulance that were in attendance. And then we drove by the entrance to the high school a little further down and 2 cars were parked in there with police all around – it’d been a 3-car concertina and one of them was a beautiful new black Porsche 911 Carrera. My God. From the whip-around glimpse I got the guy looked horrified. The guy in the white car on the footpath looked ruined. Imagine ramming the back of a Porsche. Not long after when we came out of Moore Wilsons, what did we see parked 2 cars down from us. The Porsche. They guy and his ballerina daughter had just got out of the car. The guy looked back at the damage and they walked off into the shop – he looked sick. We hung back and surveyed the damaged. The spoiler was in-tact and the boot was still able to shut but it was totally banged in. With white paint all over the place. Yikes. Watch your following distance.


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