Mean colleague

Am pretty mean all over the place really. We’re getting a bit cramped at work and there’s now 4 of us in Team Orange’s space and we’re all for the ‘no smelly lunch’ rule. Except now there’s a boy in here too and he’s not sure about it. And for some reason I am the main enforcer of the rule. To the point that if he’s out buying his lunch, he thinks of me and picks a reasonably smell free option, which sadly for him normally means healthy! And if he does get tempted by the smelly smells and gives in and gets fries or something, he scuttles away to the back of our training room to eat his lunch by himself!

And just now, Jiff came in and asked him if he wanted to go get McDonalds, and then roared with laughter when he glanced guiltily at me before accepting the offer! They’ll be having lunch in the training room!!

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#1 Orange Room Rules — OrangeBlog on 09.28.10 at 9:27 pm

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