Another zoo visit

Went up to Wellington Zoo yesterday – seemed like it was going to be the only fine day this weekend, it was half price day and as good a place as any to go for a walk with the parents. It was a great couple of hours. Our last visit to the zoo was just over a year ago to see the baby giraffe. He’s not so baby any more!

A highlight this time was seeing one of the little red pandas in action – last time there were just asleep in the trees but this time this little guy was out trotting about the place – never still enough for a good photo though!

We also hung around the giraffe enclosure for a while thinking there was to be some feeding/patting action at 3.30pm but it never eventuated.

And the absolute best thing was seeing the kiwi up close. It was almost closing time when we went into the old hut that’s the entrance to the kiwi enclosure and for once no-one else was in there. Which meant it was quiet and we all stood very quietly by the fence and watched the kiwi pick around just in front of us. The enclosure is open, just a stick fence separating us and I bent down to look closer at him and he came right up to my face, just a foot or so away. It was amazing!

The Mister nearly got covered in tiger’s pee – they were also up near the fence (as opposed to sleeping up the back on our last visit) and the big cat smooched on the fence so the Mister start up his best cat voice “hey kitty kitty” and the tiger backed his rump into the fence and fsssssssssstttt!!! Sprayed! Thankfully the Mister leapt out of the way … although I’m sure I could smell animal pee in the car on the way home …


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