Broccoli & date cake

Saw the cutest thing at Moore Wilsons today! The guy who grows their broccoli up the coast was in store with crates of broccoli at a special price and had a couple of baby broccolis (?) growing in buckets.

We went up for a closer look, the Mister having grown up in the city hadn’t seen a broccoli before, so we got chatting to the guy. He said that Moore Wilsons had had quite a bit of feedback that the new store was quite clinical, not as ‘fresh from the garden’ (which is what we’d thought) so he was there with his growing storeys, real wooden pallet that fits on the front of a forklift and lots of dirt. To show us all that vegies do still come from the farm.

After the shopping we went back to Gotham for some date and caramel cake. We saw it there at breakfast (not sure if they usually have it, but we’d not seen it before) and didn’t want to miss out, especially not with the great coffee they make.

Me in my attempt at red white and blue clothes in honour of July 4th (hard with a closet full of orange and black!), oh and a close up of the DELICIOUS cake.

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#1 penny on 07.04.09 at 9:14 pm

When I saw the heading – Broccoli and date cake, I thought what is the Orange girl and the Mister eating now so had to read on. It sounded as if you had a really exciting Saturday on another Wgton wet weekend. M.I.L.

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