Mojo’s mojo

Mojo Bond Street might be missing their mojo … not that I go there much, in fact only twice since they opened perhaps a year ago. When my parents were here they wanted to go out to lunch, for me to take them to some ‘trendy city cafe’ but not somewhere with ‘great big meals, just counter food or muffins’. The weather was dreadful, were in that part of town, so I chose there. I mean what do I know about going out to lunch? As I tried to explain to Mother, lunch time for me is a homemade sandwich in one hand while typing or scrolling with the other. I don’t even have to leave my chair, let alone go out!

Anyway, I need to report that the food was GOOD. I had avocado and tomato on toast, which was just that, no extra fluff or ingredients. Father had a lamb and kumara pie and Mother had a cream cheese spread on toast. All very tasty. However, after it took them 20 minutes to ‘be back with some water’ and much fuss at the next table over a wrong order and some finger snapping from the table on the other side of us when they had to wait more than 10 minutes for their coffees, I began to wonder what our experience would be. Well, my toast came out first, and I’d almost finished it before the other 2 dishes came out. Black mark. They remembered that Father didn’t want his coffee until the meals were served, that was good, but ‘I’ll just get it made for you now’ turned out to be a complete no-show. We decided to leave before it arrived and I’d watched many many coffees ordered after Father’s, being made and delivered so I knew they’d forgotten it. The guy seemed most put out when we said we didn’t want to wait for it and made a fuss that he was just doing it … whatever, the machine had no cups and no orders up and no coffee partway through being made.

So nice food, but haphazard service.


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