Will Twitter bring about some new kind of honesty? As it spreads and people get used to getting their point across in 140 characters there’s just no room for mincing words. You just say it. Perhaps our conversations in life will finally become like those we see on TV & movies, I know there’s not enough time to air the whole conversation but people just often seem to make a decision or say something in a conversation and get on with it. Not an hour-long chat or meeting that drags on with no outcome!

I think our lives are being reduced to a life-bite style as well. It’s not only Twitter 140 characters at a time, it’s everything. How many people nowadays just have no time to fit anything in? People rarely do lunch, Christmas cards, weekends away, phone calls, wash the car. Or maybe that just me. Phone calls? My phones rarely ring and for me that’s a good thing. Unless the caller has a question, gets the answer and goes, I have to admit to being rather frustrated that what could take 10 minutes stretches to an hour because I feel like I never have an hour! I’m always in the middle of the current life-bite (or string of them when it comes to work) and I just don’t have room for an hour-long interruption that wasn’t at my instigation. Which reminds me, I must find time to write a long email to someone I haven’t in a while that I used to write to every week. How did I let that slip?! Probably because it takes more than a few minutes in between something else.


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