Market & long lunch

Our last 2 planned activities for the Wellington on a Plate festival were today. First up was the Food Heros market in the Moore Wilson’s carpark – The Mister was keen to find the whitebait sandwiches and I was keen to find Supreme coffee.

Man the place was jam packed! There were loads of food stalls and wine tasting from Martinborough. Half the carpark and the space in between the new deli fresh building and the grocery building was wall to wall people scoffing and drinking many of the samples on offer.

The Mister found his whitebait sandwich


And I found the Supreme guys (that’s Benn).


We also did a ‘smell’ test on some coffee ‘oudors’ – similar to wine tasting some, there are specific aromas that you get when smelling and tasting single blend coffees – you’re suppose to use the little smelling jars to hone your senses – we were pretty hopeless. We got vanilla but were totally stumped by malt (so our lemon guess was wrong) and even more phased by butter (I guessed rimu, the Mister tried good old lemon again!) Gotta get us one of those kits!

Then it was off to Osteria del Toro for a long Italian Family Lunch.


Scheduled from 1.30 – 4.00 it was 2 and a half hours of eating banquet style – anti pasti, pizza, pasta,paella and dessert. Never thought lunch could take that long but I did manage to pick at bits and pieces the whole time and we felt we should leave when the restaurant was empty and they were loudly scraping the tables around and cleaning the floors after 4pm! It was a great afternoon and the food was really good so we must go back there for dinner some time.

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#1 Lucy on 08.24.09 at 9:04 am

That was the photo when it was supposed to be of The Mister only, and I did the lean for inclusion… FAIL!

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