The Avon Lady

I didn’t realise The Avon Lady was still going strong! A few days ago we got home to find an Avon catalogue in our mailbox – first time since living in the building. Perhaps we’ve been saved from these type of catalogues over the last few years in the same way we’ve avoided trick-or-treating kids – apartment building glass doors with a security pad are a great deterrent!

However it seems one of our new neighbours is an Avon Lady. I perused the catalogue and it was nothing like I expected. I thought The Avon Lady sold make-up, hand cream, floral smelling body wash and such. However in this catalogue there is a range of stuff – Christmas brooches with ‘precious’ stones, ‘slide and glide’ all-in-one plastic scissor apparatus, angels and fairies book, strange African lady statue, Noisy Surprise Thomas & Friends push-button book, jandals, watches, sundresses – however, still the hand cream for $2.49, pot pouri spray and foot deodorant. What a world of discovery!

Oh, I’ve just looked at their site,, perhaps it was a Christmas special catalogue because the one online seems to be more like what I expected. Just make-up and stuff.

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#1 Deana Lye on 10.31.09 at 8:33 am

Avon Lady is still here. I receive booklet (not sure how often), but had been too busy for the last several years to even peruse it. Now with a bit of reflective time goneby, I would dearly love to continue rceiving the booklet. In the past many itmes were purchased from the avon lady…love the perfumes and fufu powder. Would like to loo at a collection of christmas ornaments etc. Avon continues…this is great!

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