Mozzie bite

When my hands get hot (ironing, housework, walking) the veins down the back of my right hand really stick out. I was staring at the most bulgy one this morning and lamenting the time it was dented.

It was many many years ago when I had my wisdom teeth out (before I started howling on the slab):

Nurse: this is nothing to worry about, just a little prick like a blood test

Me: but I’ve never had a blood test

Nurse [to the anesthetist]: wow, we’ve got an innocent here – never had a blood test!? That’s unheard of! [To me] In that case it’ll be like a harmless mozzie bite

Me [as she jabbed the back of my hand]: WAAAAAAAAAAAAA …. [sleep]

Mozzie bite?! No way! That jab altered the course of my blood flow! That once-straight vein turns a corner on the back of my hand now. It’s damaged!


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