Last night at Capitol we sat next to a couple of women. Using my bat hearing at one stage I heard one say to the other “Gosh I love that necklace, is it new?” The other said “No, Jane gave this to me for my 50th.” My mouth physically fell open. I could’ve sworn the women were in their 40’s. No WAY was one of them 50+ No way. Perhaps a really good hair job – no greys that I could spot from 2 metres (or probably less) away in the great flowing brown locks, crows feet around her eyes sure, but smooth plump skin and not too much makeup and still young-looking skin on her hands. The woman looked fabulous. I don’t remember Mother at 50; neither of my parents look like they’re in their mid-60’s so they probably didn’t look 50 when they were 50 so there’s hope for me!


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