Yoga poet

I’m sure many of us people watch or at least meet/see people in passing and wonder what they do for a living (as I have commented re one of our neighbours in a prior post). I often wonder what the people in my yoga class do – they don’t seem particularly religious or spiritual or ‘alternative’ – for the most part they just seem like regular people like me, there for a bit of exercise (although some of them do wear those crazy baggy-bum trousers – not sure if that is yoga fashion or somehow gives you more room to stretch and bend than an old pair of Lycra track pants like I wear…)

Aaaaanyway, a guy in my class who I suspected was Italian, and had something to do with the university, turns out to be a Senior Lecturer in the School of Languages and Culture and has just won a grant from the Swiss Arts Council for a project he’s doing on the poetry of a Swiss-Italian poet. There was a photo and write up about him in the latest Victoria Alumni magazine. Who knew!


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