Potting mix

So, it’s not all a wives tale or overprotective OSH-type warning, those messages about not breathing the air above the bag or container of potting mix you’re working with it are worth heeding.

News this morning on the radio and in the paper that Legionnaire’s disease is alive and well and is caused by breathing in potting mix. Someone has died.

So no more laughing at me when I take precautions when gardening on the kitchen bench please!

Potting mix linked to legionnaires’ disease

Gardeners are being warned to take care with potting mix after five cases of legionnaires’ disease in Canterbury in the past three months.


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#1 Sunday baking & gardening — OrangeBlog on 12.13.09 at 5:37 pm

[…] increasing wind on the balcony to plant this year’s basil. Good stiff breeze to blow away any nasties in the potting mix […]

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